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Support We Offer:

  • Physician Supervision
  • Physical ​Examination
  • ​Lab Work when needed
  • Coaching / Accountability
  • Cardio & Weight Training Plans 
  • Nutrition Plans you can live with - No Diets

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Join the club! Like many others, we have all lost the weight but just didn't have enough will power to keep it off. Will power ebbs and flows based upon how you feel at the moment. It's not about your will power, it's about the support system you have in place to push you on when your will power fails you.

You will need two things to be successful: 

  • A Coach that will hold you accountable and guide you along the path.     - The job of a coach is to make men do what they don't want to do, in order to achieve what they've always wanted to be: Tom Landry
  • You need a plan that is simple to follow with small painless incremental changes over time. We know that if the changes are too drastic or painful, we wont stick to it.                                                                                             - A Man without a plan, is lost before he starts : Lewis K. Bendele

New Life Men's Health will do two things for you. We will be your coach and we will provide a plan that is developed specifically for your weight loss goals. 

We Believe in Safety First!

Because we are a full service medical clinic, our program is medically supervised and involves prescription medication. Safety is of utmost importance. New Life Men's Health is committed to helping patients lose weight, but our primary focus is protecting the health of you and all our patients.

We understand the problems that being overweight can cause to your self confidence and your health.  That is why we offer specialized weight loss programs for both men and women.   Our team is equipped to help men and women break through those walls and achieve weight loss success that can last for a lifetime!

We have the solutions you need to change your life once and for all. It can happen quicker than you imagine when you have the right coach, the right medications and the right action plan. 

Are you tired of being FAT?

Tired of being too embarrassed to pull your shirt off at the pool?   Tired of being the fat friend?

Weight Loss Solutions That Last a Lifetime

Medications We Offer:

  • Phentermine
  • Lipo Shot
  • MegaBurn Shot
  • Vitachrom
  • B-12
  • Semorelin - weight loss/anti aging